November Reconciled:

Husbands job-

budgeted= $1760 (math error at beginning of month)

actual= $1728 (-32)

Husbands side business-

budgeted= $200

actual= $294.39 (+94.39)

Rental Income-

budgeted= $825

actual= $825

My first job-

budgeted= $2600

actual= $2521 ($-79)

My second job-

budgeted= $1728.88

actual= $1081 (-$648.88)

TOTAL Income

budgeted= $7113.88 (math error)

actual= $6449.39 (-664.49)


budgeted= $5,157.81

actual= $5198.44 (+$40.63)

Weekly spending

budgeted= $1200

actual= $ 1429.81 (+229.81)

=-$934.93 for the month!  Needless to say, the emergency fund did not get replensihed and the Amazon did not get paid off.  I have the extras just sitting in my bank account at this moment.



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