Weekly Spending 11/16/15-11/22/15

Mon 11/16- ($12.11) $2.00 Dollar Tree & $10.11 Winn-Dixie

Tues 11/17- No $pend Day!!

Wed 11/18- No $pend Day!!

Thur 11/19- ($291.39) $85 Hair apt, $4.26 gas station, $34.45 gas station, $30 lunch money for kid and clothes from Varage Sale, $137.68 Winn-Dixie

Fri 11/20- $98.25 Winn-Dixie

Sat 11/21- No $pend Day!!

Sun 11/22- ($39.33) $16.83 Chiptole & $22.50 Cardpool

Total = $441.08  Not a great week, but not too bad. Cardpool is a Christmas present and a lot of grocery shopping.  Shouldn’t spend too much on groceries this week or eating out since it’s Thanksgiving week.  I still have so much Christmas shopping to do.  Ugh…




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