October Reconciled:

Husbands job-

budgeted= $2640

actual= $2269.16 (-370.84)

Husbands side business-

budgeted= $200

actual= $54.60 (-145.40)

Rental Income-

budgeted= $825

actual= $825

My first job-

budgeted= $3400

actual= $4356.41 (+$956.41)

My second job-

budgeted= $648

actual= $864.44 (+$216.44)

TOTAL Income

budgeted= $7713 (math error at the beginning of the month)

actual= $8369.61 (+656.61)


budgeted= $5,013

actual= $5334.27 (+$321.27)

Weekly spending

budgeted= $2800

actual= $4685.68 (+1,885.68)

Extra bills & money spent over budget is $2,206.95).  Extra income is $656.61.  Difference of $1,550.34.  $1000 came from EF.  That’s right…it’s ZERO now 😦   And I did not pay any extra to Amazon.  Looking forward to a much better month.  Must stay focused!


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