Weekly Spending 8/31/15-9/6/15:

Monday 8/31- ($48.71) $24.71 Target & $24 Papa Johns

Tuesday 9/1- ($34.24) $24.91 Sunoco, $9.33 Dollar Tree

Wednesday 9/2- ($46.92) $15.28 Panera Bread, $29.78 Wawa, $1.86 Winn-Dixie

Thursday 9/3- ($2.54) Winn-Dixie

Friday 9/4- (109.25) $85.75 Petfood Direct & $23.50 Winn-Dixie

Saturday 9/5- (17.56) $10.62 Taco Bell & $6.94 Chevron

Sunday 9/6- ($72.22) Winn-Dixie

= $331.44 total

The petfood direct purchase was for my husband’s side business.  In a couple of weeks his sick time is going to be cashed out, so that’s why this expense came out of our regular budget instead of his side business $$.  I still wanted to track it here, though.

We are thinking of tweeking our weekly budget, too.  We have been much more aware of what we are spending, but it is so discouraging to go over budget week after week.  We are thinking $250 is a good number!


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