September Budget:

These are very rough numbers as far as income goes because the only amounts that stay the same are side business, rental income, and I know the # of days at my second job so that’s exact.  All of the other #’s are educated guessing.

Husbands job- $2640

Husbands side business- $200

Rental Income- $825

My first job- $3400

My second job- $648


Bills: $5000

Weekly spending= $1000

Quarterly taxes= $965

left =$748 ($235.10 to Dave Ramsey baby step #1 & $530.90 to Target credit card which will have a balance of $389.47 after this payment)

My oldest son is likely to have some medical bills coming up this month.  I’m not exactly sure how much they will cost except for office visit $50 (x2) and diagnostic testing $300 plus 10% co-insurance IF they do not have the diagnostic equipment in the office.  Plus, last night he was describing some very serious symptoms so I can’t be sure that a big ER bill won’t be in our near future.  =(

We will still keep on with our plan though.  We will deal with that situation as it comes.


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