Weekly Spending 8/24/15-8/30/15:

Here is the recap for the week:

Monday 8/24- ($14.94) Winn-Dixie

Tuesday 8/25- No Spend Day!

Wednesday 8/26- ($89.04) McDonalds $19.52, Winn-Dixie $14.47, Taco Bell $4.03, Kids locker and gym uniform $25, Go Daddy $26.02

Thursday 8/27- ($64.03) Winn-Dixie

Friday 8/28- ($6.73) Winn-Dixie

Saturday 8/29- No Spend Day!

Sunday 8/30- ($56.40) $8.32 McDonald’s, Dollar Tree $4.00, $4.26 Circle K, $39.82 Winn-Dixie

TOTAL= $231.14

I am considering this a win.  We are slowly, but surely getting there.  This is a more normal week for us.  We will continue to track it and may have to adjust the weekly budget eventually.


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