Weekend Spending:

So, it seems as though the weekend is going to be our struggle.  We went over budget by quite a bit.  Of course, it’s much better than last week, but we have some work to do.

Saturday= ($74.95) $5.74 Hobby Lobby, $36.67 Race Trac, $4.80 Mc Donalds, $9.99 PSN, $15 bracelet to get in the show, $2.75 ice at gas station

Sunday= ($97.34) $74.85 Office Depot school supplies & $22.49 Race Trac gas station

Week total= $317.51  Over by $117.51.  Now, the husband did give me an extra $120 from his show to cover the weekend costs ($320 instead of $200), but the goal is to make that extra money and try to make up for out fallout this week.  Still, $82.49 is a pretty tight budget.

For tomorrow- nothing since I am in school all day trying to get that advanced degree and during the night I’ll be working!


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