Weekly Spending So Far…

Monday= No Spend Day!!

Tuesday=  $7.05 Wal-Greens, $0.88 Amazon, $18.80 Winn-Dixie

Wednesday= No Spend Day!!

Thursday= $16.67 Winn-Dixie & $7.39 Amazon

Friday= $19.01 Chili’s & Wal-Mart $75.42

Total= $145.22 (eeek…we’re cutting it close and we need gas)

We have a busy weekend planned since my husband has a show for his side business that will have us “manning” the booth all weekend and some driving.  We are pulling this out of our weekly budget.  Also, Saturday I plan on doing some baking for a fundraiser for work and will need to buy some baking essentials.  And we plan on having a few of his friends over after the show on Saturday for a BBQ which we’ll need to buy some things for.  Overall, I still think the budget is doable.

Also, my retirement accounts took a nose dive since yesterdays post.  BOO!

For tomorrow- look for nothing.  I am taking the day off.  😛


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