Our Finiancial Picture:

Income (take home):

Rental home- $825 monthly

Husbands job- $670 weekly =2900 avg monthly

Husbands side business- $200 monthly

My first job- $1050 bi-weekly (without OT) =2275

My second job- $864 bi-weekly =1872 avg monthly

With that being said I can often work OT hours at my first job and they offer additional incentive.  The Summer months are kind of slow so that’s not really the case right now, but starting in about September they will be offering extra hours regularly and randomly if someone calls in sick.  I have the option of making my own schedule at my second job based on my first job.  It’s very flexible.  To date, I have not signed up for extra hours in September in case my first job needs me since I get paid so much more.  It’s safe to say we have a variable income, but it’s also guaranteed.

So, the minimum is usually = $8072.


Credit cards= $38,136.46

Cars= $16,109.60

Student Loans= $36,000

House 1= 107,923.02

House 2= $76,400

TOTAL- $274,569.08

Minimum payments:

$4481.48 bills

$867 groceries, gas, etc


What we should have left after bills and extra spending= $2,723.52

WOW!!!!  It’s safe to say we have work to do 😦   But we are also in a good position income-wise so it’s not impossible.

For tomorrow- look for our BUDGET for the rest of August.


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