August Budget:

We are budgeting for the rest of August.  Well, what’s left of it anyway.  I wish we were starting off fresh with a new month, but honestly we can’t delay.  This is what our expenses/income for the rest of August look like:

Income= $4329

My 2nd job- $864

My 1st job- $1100

Husbands job-$1340

Husbands side job- $200

Rental income- $825

Bills- $3564.1

Weekly spending- $600 (counting 31st as a week since it includes Monday)

Credit Card Pymnts- $235

IRA contribution- $18

Car Insurance- $118

Car Payment- $650

Electric- $370

Tuition- $691.10

Additional Mortgage Payment- $600

September bills autodeducted week of 31st- $282

Extra= $764.90  <–Goes into Dave Ramsey saving towards baby step #1.  Only $235.10 left!

For tomorrow- Our Investments!


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