Our Weekly Spending:

The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I think this number is all ugly.  Ready for it? Please don’t judge us…$688.09!

See, we have been thinking that because we aren’t adding anything to our credit card balance and paying cash for stuff that we are doing pretty good.  When we took a long, hard look at that number, we realized we were wrong.  That’s my husband’s entire weekly paycheck TAKE-HOME!  If we didn’t spend so much, he could have had 40 hours of free time.

This number was very eye-opening for us.  We have set a goal to spend $200 weekly from here on out.  This would include a tank of gas for me $30, a tank of gas for him $50, and groceries or whatever comes up for the kids, etc.  To be honest, we don’t even fill our tanks up weekly.

And now, the hard work begins.  Frugal, cheap, and thrifty is our new mantra.

For tomorrow- look for a snapshot of our financial picture… our income and debts.


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